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Thé best All-in-one Telecommunication solution

Shape Fix is a global telecom solution for a complete & comfortable management of your telephony and internet for your company. You enjoy all the advantages of Shape (our mobile rate plan), in combination with our professional fixed telephony solution and a powerful broadband internet connection.

Benefits of Shape & Fix

Ultra-fast internet access

Up to 400Mbps download and 40Mbps upload Lines are provided with 4G Backup (always guaranteed internet) Connectable to Fiber, Telenet and Proximus lines

Automatic forwarding

Set up answer call forwarding on no answer or busy.

Easier Management

A static IP address for easier management of internal hosted resources.

Easy Installation

It takes 5 working days to install your solution in your company.

The benefits of Shape for your mobile formulas

Enjoy the flexible formulas adapted to the profile of each employee.